Custom Fitting from Mr. David Bass

The Mr. Bass Experience

Our Quantum Force Golf Fitting team is staffed with experienced instructors. We believe that "Swing Analysis" is a key element in the club fitting process. 

Mr. David Bass coaching a golfer's swing.

Personal Fitting Process

Our team has been providing custom builds for tour players, college athletes, and serious amateurs for many years. Providing the "Tour" experience for each client is our pleasure.  

1) Purchase directly from the website and answer the fitting questionnaire on the website

2) The order comes to our master fitters email

3) Our Master fitter will email you

4) Send us a swing video with front and back views

5) Our fitter will call you with key questions.

6) Clubs are built to your personal specs.

7) Client feedback and communication are a critical aspect to our business model. 

8) Better feel and performance provide immediate results. 

Lots of Happy Golfers are the great result of all of our hard work!