About Us

Based out of N. Carolina, north of Pinehurst, America's home of golf, The Quantum Force Golf Team is composed of golfers who are serious about improving the feel and performance of golf equipment.

At Quantum Force Golf, each club is built with the "Quantitative Substantive Combination of Materials" that maximizes feel and encourages better rhythm for each individual.  Inspiration and design are derived from our expansive golf library of historically effective golf equipment. Our golf clubs are both Beautiful and Functional.

With over fifty years on experience in golf equipment design and building for tour players and serious golfers alike, our experienced award winning fitting team is eager to work directly with each client. 

Quantum Force Golf operates its business model each day out of respect for the rich history and traditions in the sport of golf. We are club makers, historians, instructors, designers, and most importantly, serious about enjoying a round of golf. Our passion is to design and build golf equipment that provides feel , response, and feedback. 

The designers were challenged with designing a putter that was produced from the highest quality material, possessed state-of-the-art features, and produced amazing performance as a putter. The results are simply amazing!

The Model One Putter is the flagship product and has been followed by Model Two Mallet and our forged milled T-Rex wedges. Every product is assembled in our North Carolina custom shop and meticulous attention paid to every quality detail. Selecting the right combination of details has been the key to our success!


Quantum Force Golf equipment designers have over a century of experience designing and building golf clubs. While our competitors are trending toward building golf equipment lighter, we have decided to design and build golf equipment that maintains a nice overall weight. Our approach could be considered a bit old school, but we take that as a compliment.

Out Motto says it all, "Awaken Your Feel!"  We believe that the human body responds more effectively to golf equipment with a bit more balance and total weight.

We are committed to design and build golf equipment that has that "Sweet Feel" and provides great response and feedback time and time again. Our dedication to our golfing clients' enjoyment of the game of golf drives us each day.